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youth ministry

Is FIND the lost, EQUIP the found, and SEND the equipped to find more lost souls.


Jesus gave us a great commission: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Pastor Andrew Anthony hears and follows the voice of God. While Jesus was here, he looked upon people with great compassion, seeing sin-stained lives, broken hearts, and sickness. The scripture says He was moved with compassion, seeing the people as sheep without a shepherd. Faithful Praise Outreach Church feel that same compassion, and want to reach out to a world lost in sin.

The Saints of God have a great heritage of Bible truth. We treasure that truth and reach out to spread the light of God's word to the world. Faithful Praise Outreach Church believes and practices living free from sin (doesn’t mean that we don’t sin) according to New Testament teaching. Not only do we believe in salvation from sin, we believe in sanctification and infilling of the Holy Ghost.

Faithful Praise Outreach Church practices baptism by water immersion as shown by the examples in the New Testament. God's saints are called to be separate from the world - not physically, but in spirit, appearance, and conduct. We do not keep membership rolls. Everyone who is saved has his or her name written in the Lamb's book of life and is a member of the Church of God.

Our main mission here is to win eternal souls to Christ.  The best way to win souls to Christ is to teach, preach, and live the truths that are taught in the Bible.