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youth ministryThe church sang a song years ago entitled “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water.” We believe that this is what God intended the church to be for people: a bridge over the troubled waters of life. God intended the church to provide a support system that helps people make it through the tough times. We believe that having healthy, caring relationships with people is as crucial for our spiritual survival as food is for our physical survival. We believe that “it took people to make us sick and God uses people to make us well again.” For so many of us, it’s when we first experience a loving, supporting, accepting community of Christian friends, that God is able to begin the healing process in our lives. And we not only need a place where we can receive this kind of love and support, but also a place where we can give it to others. At Faithful Praise Outreach Church, we try to create this kind of caring community in a variety of ways. But the primary way we seek to achieve it is by helping every person to get connected to a small group. But we believe that our job is undone until we get every person who calls Faithful Praise Outreach Church their home church into a small group, where they can be loved, cared for and supported – and where they do the same for others.